Most Essential Choices for the Right Wallpaper

Most Essential Choices for the Right Wallpaper

Choosing wallpaper in high-traffic environments can be just this detail that characterizes an environment making it unique. However, if you falter in the choice of wallpaper for practical reasons of wear, know that even in this case, technology has made great strides.

For example, a non – woven support with an embossed front (supplied with wallpaper singapore) strengthened by a vinyl surface, guarantees a very high washability of the product and is certified flame retardant self-extinguishing., homologated in class 1. Both the vinyl supports described above are the most suitable for installation in public establishments, hotels, restaurants, spas, offices, pubs and schools, where the continuous influx of people requires the use of still materials more resistant and washable.

Wallpaper on all walls or just one?

In my opinion, wallpaper singapore has the function, as well as decorative, of enhancing a wall. For this we would proceed with the application of the wallpaper on a single wall, perhaps the main background one. Or we would use it to bring out a particular piece of furniture, such as a backdrop in smaller walls or corridors. In bedrooms, for example, it can be used not full-wall but with the function of the headboard of the bed (in this case a width of at least 20 cm greater on each side than the ends of the bed itself must be provided).

If you really don’t like white walls in your home and aren’t satisfied with even a nice splash of color, the wallpaper is the one that really suits you, but which one to choose?

Living room wallpaper

Wallpaper, which one to choose so as not to get lost in a thousand fantasies

There are really an infinity of types of wallpaper. Which one to choose is the first question that you have probably already asked yourself, even more than once. And you almost always get stuck in front of that question, without knowing why.

The only thing you know for sure is that the white walls, at home, you find really devoid of personality, the one that you certainly do not lack. After all, what you have always wanted, especially if you have to choose now how to paint the walls of your home, is simply something that represents you and that makes you dream every time your gaze falls on that wall of the house.