Logitech’s MediaBoard Pro for Playstation 3

It may be hard to imagine the usefulness of having a keyboard for a game console, but then again, maybe not. The Cordless MediaBoard Pro by Logitech has a sleek design and works perfect with the Playstation 3. The built in mouse above the numpad makes it perfect for gamers who’d like to combine PC controls to Playstation games.

This keyboard makes chatting with teammates easier, makes navigating DVDs a breeze and can be used up to 10 meters away. Instead of having to use the joystick to mind-numbingly create profiles or send buddy messages, the MediaBoard takes out all the monotony. Also, the Cordless MediaBoard Pro comes equipped with Bluetooth technology which is a major selling point for this Playstation 3 keyboard. Also, in my experience-and in the experience of many of my friends-a keyboard can be extremely useful for creating macros which makes playing particular games much less daunting.

Expect to pay around $65.00 for this keyboard, which was pretty steep for my taste, but if you have the money and you want the extra components, I say go for it. It really comes down to the kind of games you like to play and whether or not a keyboard is something you could use. Certain strategy games like the new Civilization Revolution is an excellent example of a game perfect for the MediaBoard pro. When the action is a slow building process, or if the game is a turn-based one, the MediaBoard Pro will come in quite handy, the newer generations are out but the reviews are only just coming in at Thetechinsider.

Although a keyboard for the Playstation 3 may seem superfluous it does have it’s advantages too. The real plus of having a Logitech Cordless MediaBoard is its applicability. It’s basically a remote control for all the peripherals belonging to your PS3. More than that, it’s an awesome addition to your home gaming ensemble. This keyboard will likely prove its meddle over the years as technology progresses and the Internet and game console communities become more intertwined. Even now people can often connect their computers to their game consoles–like with the X-box–to watch videos, listen to music or look at pictures of friends and family. As time goes on, products like Logitech’s Cordless MediaBoard Pro will be a must have for many serious gamers and media lovers. It’s just a matter of time before consoles like the PS3 and the Internet itself become one in the same making gadgets like the Cordless MediaBoard pro a very important facet to the home gaming experience.

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